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Shop Converted to a Flat, Marchmont, Edinburgh

May 2022

Construction cost in 2024 would be upwards of £250k + VAT

Building Contractor - Orocco

Structural Engineers - McColl Associates

Photos - Will Patterson / Wink Creative

Kitchen - Redpath

Glazing - Mitchell Glass

Our client owned this Victorian shop in Marchmont, Edinburgh for several years. They commissioned Capital A to re-design the shop as a two bedroom flat. This was a challenge, as the property is in a conservation area and the layout is not simple.

Creating a design which satisfied the planners, and also the building regulations, was a challenge. Preserving as much of the original shop front and internal features was a priority but the client had a keen desire for a modern layout.

The shop had a basement and this is now a large, luxury bedroom with ensuite. The stair leading downstair has a modern recessed handrail and the original cellar door in the shop front has been re-made as a window to illuminate the space.
The ground floor has a kitchen / dining space at the front, a shower room in the middle and bedroom at the rear.

The new mezzanine level takes advantage of the very tall front space in the old shop. This is now a great space to sit and watch the world go by.

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