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A modern kitchen in Edinburgh New Town


I am one of the few architects in Edinburgh who publishes a detailed guide to their fees. I do this because most of my clients have never employed an architect or commissioned a building before and therefore have no idea what an architect might charge. Capital A offers an all-inclusive service for high quality, house extensions and internal alterations. 

I divide the design and construction process into six distinct stages, which are explained fully on the Architectural Services page.

You are free to employ me for as many stages as you require, from drawing up initial plans to negotiating with builders and managing the contract on site, your project may not need all of the stages listed here.

At present, VAT does not apply to the fees charged by Capital A.

The feasibility study stage is charged by the hour because it isn’t possible to predict how many times a client might require drawings to be revised before accepting a design. That said, the estimated timescales below are based on real projects of similar size. The same is true for construction timescales, which are charged at a flat fee per week for construction contract administration.

These fees apply when extending a property, even if the project involves some element of internal alteration or refurbishment to the existing property.

Architects Fees for House Extensions 2024.png

These fees apply only to projects where the internal layout is being altered or refurbished. This may also include creating new windows or external doors, attic or garage conversions. If your project also involves building a new structure outside the property, this fee scale does not apply. In that case the fee scale above, for House Extensions, will apply for the whole project, including any element of internal alteration to the exiting property.

Architects Fees for Internal Alterations 2024 .png

You can see my detailed guide to house extension costs in 2024, it give an up to date estimate of the minimum construction budget required for most types of house extension. I also publish the current construction cost for my projects on the portfolio section. 

The Small Print:

  • This fee guide is only accurate when the site is located in Edinburgh, the Lothians, or Fife.

  • The fees described here are dependent on using standard construction methods and materials.

  • The fees described do not include for any interior design services, these will incur an additional charge if required.

  • If a Planning Application is refused permission, any appeal or new application is not included in the fee and will incur an additional charge.

  • The Feasibility Stage fees listed here are a rough guide, this stage alone is always charged by the hour. All other stages are fixed price.

  • The Pre-Construction Stage fees listed here assume working with no more than three contractors to establish the cost of building work. If a tender to more contractors is required, the Architects fees will increase

  • Projects can take several years to complete, therefore the fees will be reviewed annually and will increase in line with the Retail Prices Index until the project is finished.

  • All Fixed Price fees are dependent on the project design remaining unchanged from the Feasibility Study and Capital A being given full control of time scales, with the final say on when to lodge all applications and begin construction.

  • Planning applications next to agricultural land or land whose ownership is unknown may require an advertisement fee to be paid to the local council.

  • Please do not request a discount on our fees, as refusal may result in embarrassment.

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