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Finding the right builder, at the right price, can make or break a project. I offer construction tendering as a professional service and I have a wide network of contacts across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife to call on. Whether your project involves a high quality refurbishment to a listed building, a simple change to the internal layout of your home or a house extension, I can find the right builder for the project and negotiate a fair price for the work. 

House extension under construction Dalkeith

The Pre-Construction stage is sometimes called tendering. This is where we appoint a builder and agree on the final price for construction. At this stage, a choice must be made between carrying out an open tender between several builders or going with one builder. If the construction industry in Edinburgh is busy builders will usually not agree to participate in competitive tenders and may only be willing to agree to a direct negotiation. 

As your architect, I will draft a detailed Scope of Works document which describes all the elements of the project and will be used by the contractor to price each one individually. This allows any cost savings to be made intelligently at the pricing stage and to control payment to the contractor during construction. I will negotiate with the contractor until a price has been agreed.

Converted shop Marchmont Road, Edinburgh
Zinc clad cantilever roof Dalkeith

I charge a fixed price fee for this stage, provided the design doesn't change. For more details, you can check out the Architects Fees page. This fee will remain the same whether the pricing process involves a direct negotiation with one building firm or a tender with three contractors. 

This is a hard question to answer but it usually takes about one month to draft the scope of work, as I always get detailed feedback from my clients before issuing this crucial document to the building contractors. It will then take one or two months for the initial price from the contractor and perhaps another month or two of negotiation back and forth to finalise that price.

Garden room house extension Currie, Edinburgh
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