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A townhouse vestibule in Edinburgh


Architectural Expertis ein designing Contemporary zinc clad garden room extension, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh

I founded Capital A Architecture in 2009 and over the years have focused exclusively on altering and extending private homes, often in the most exclusive neighbourhoods in Edinburgh. 

Over 15 years I have built up a network of contacts and a degree of expertise in three distinct areas of architecture;

House Extensions.

Refurbishing Listed Buildings

Changing the Layout of Homes across Edinburgh. 

I love extending houses, creating new spaces and re-imagining my client's homes. To make the best of any house extension it should not just be 'stuck on' the existing building, it should be combined with a total re-think of how the home flows. Edinburgh is full of great homes but most were designed in a bygone era, where things worked differently. Nowadays the kitchen is the centre of family life and very few people worry about having a formal 'front room'. There is also a far greater emphasis on outdoor space, with direct access to rear gardens being a high priority for entertaining and relaxing with family. I have developed many effective design ideas for house extensions over the years.

Architectural expertise in designing Garden room extension Old Kirk Road, Edinburgh
Modernisiedf listed flat Darnaway Street, Edinburgh

The most sustainable building is the one that already exists. Bringing older, listed buildings back to life is a major part of my work. I may be a modernist but I recognise that we are not building any more Georgian or Victorian buildings in Edinburgh. Many of the ones that survive are in a poor state and need refurbishment. This can also be accomplished with sensitive alterations to the layout of the property so that it is suitable for modern life. Get more detailed information on what it takes to renovate a listed building

Even homes built a few decades ago were not designed in a way that suits modern life. Kitchens are often smaller and disconnected from the living and dining space. There may not be enough bathrooms, utility rooms or pantry. 

Maybe the house needs more bedrooms and the attic or garage can be converted. There are lots of ways a property can be altered internally to change its layout. I have 15 years experience doing this work in Edinburgh and I can advise you on the best way to proceed. 

Altering the existing layout
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