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An intermediate zone between inside and outside


I offer a full range of services to my clients, from initial design to post-construction inspections. I am also flexible, if you would rather negotiate with a building contractor directly or you don't need me to be involved during construction I am happy to provide a limited service.

I break my services into six sections, set out below. There is a link to a separate page giving a full description of each service, explaining what is involved. Most of my clients have never worked with an Architect or carried out building work before, so I take time to explain the process. Check out the flow chart at the bottom of the page, it maps out how the design and construction process works from start to finish. 

Stairs with recessed handrail, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh

If your property is in Edinburgh, the Lothians or Fife and your construction budget is above £100k you can arrange a Free Consultation. These take place at your home and last 45 minutes to one hour. Get in touch on the Contact Page to arrange the consultation.

The way the process works is that we have a short phone call to discuss your project. If the project is viable I will arrange a time to meet you at the property for the free consultation. Afterwards, I will email you a fee quote for my services. If you accept my fee quote I will send you a formal appointment document to sign and then I will get to work on your project. 

This is probably the most important part of the whole process. This is where I draw your existing home and then draw what is possible. I take your budget, your lifestyle, the planning guidance and the building regulations into account. This is where we look at options and mull over different possibilities before settling on a design that is a balance of all the requirements. Get more details about the feasibility study here. 

3d feasibility study drawings of a garden room, Barnton Park Crescent, Edinburgh
sliding corner pocket doors, Corstrophine Hill, Edinburgh

If the work on your home needs to be approved in a planning application, I will be your agent. I will produce the drawings, and make the application to the council, I will attend any meetings with the planning officer and negotiate with your neighbours, if necessary. 

If your home is listed I will make a listed building application at the same time as the planning application

This stage involves working on the structure, drainage, heating, electrics, ventilation, acoustics, insulation and all the other technical standards in the Scottish building regulations. I work with a structural engineer on almost every project and together we answer any questions the council building standards officers have until the building warrant application is approved. 

Modern extension in old stone building, Dalkeith
Renovated interior of a listed flat, Darnaway Street, Edinburgh

Competitive tendering has been the traditional way to find a suitable builder and agree on the cost of construction for a long time. When the economy is booming, and builders are busy, it is not always possible to carry out a competitive tender in Edinburgh. In situations like this a direct negotiation with one builder is often the way to proceed. I have an extensive network of contacts in the city and can find the right builder for your job. Get more details here about the tendering service.

This is not the same thing as project management, this is contract administration. I typically use the SBCC Minor Works contract which is well established and widely used in the construction industry. I will inspect the building site regularly and issue reports on progress, and valuations to pay the contractor and assist with any technical questions the builders have. Get more details here about the construction contract administration service.

Zinc cantilever roof, Seton Place, The Grange, Edinburgh
modern house extension in Wardie Crescent, Edinburgh

Inspecting the site after work is complete is a vital part of my service. This stage usually also involves agreeing on the final account with the builder and making an application for a completion certificate to the council building standards department. Get more details here about my post-construction snagging service.

I love a good flow chart, this one took me ages! it sets out the steps along the way from the initial contact with me to the final stages after construction is complete. 

Architects project flow chart
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