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Whether its for a house extension or a refurbished listed building, there is a formal process for inspecting a project once construction work has finished. I only offer this service if I have been involved in all the previous services. I am happy to provide advice if you managed the contractor yourself but there is more to this stage than just pointing out defective work to the builders. 

Cantilever roof under construction in Dalkeith

The Post-Construction stage is sometimes referred to as snagging. This stage has two important features; 

The Building Standards inspector must inspect the finished building and issue a completion certificate. If the building is not constructed according the the approved Building Warrant drawings, an amendment to the warrant must be applied for.

Snagging or correcting defects must be also be carried out. If you engaged me to use an SBCC Construction Contract, this is a formal process. Part of the construction budget is retained and only paid to the builder three months after construction is complete, provided they fix any defects that emerged since the building was finished. This gives you time to test out the building over a period, to ensure you are totally satisfied with the work

I typically charge a fixed price fee which varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. For more details see the Architects Fees page. 

Modern bedroom in a listed building Darnaway Street, Edinburgh
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