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Lodging a planning application is usually the next step after the initial feasibility study has been concluded. Providing planning application services is a core aspect of my business. As you can see from the projects I have built across Edinburgh over the past 15 years, I have been able to secure planning approval for striking modern designs, as well as contemporary interventions in listed buildings. I have successfully negotiated with the planning officers on my clients behalf, securing planning approval even when neighbours lodge objections. 

modern house extension Featherhall Crescent North, Edinburgh

If anyone tells you they can guarantee planning permission for a house extension, they are either lying to you or they do not understand how the system works. While the council planning department publishes detailed guidance, there is always an element of the process that is open to interpretation, and to your neighbour's objections, it helps to have an experienced Architect dealing with this on your behalf. I have been working in Edinburgh for 20 years, 15 of them running Capital A. I have spent my career getting planning approval for house extension projects in Edinburgh. 

I typically charge a fixed price fee to prepare and lodge a planning application. This includes dealing with any meetings with the planning officer or your neighbours. The fee will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project and it is agreed at the outset of the project. The council also charge a fee to register the planning application and that is not included in my own fee. For more details see the Architects Fees page. 

modern house extension Wardie Crescent, Edinburgh
Refurbished listed building Manor Place, Edinburgh

About one-quarter of the properties in Edinburgh are listed buildings. Many of the projects I have designed as an architect over the years have been alterations and extensions to listed buildings. Almost any change you wish to make to a listed building will require a listed building application. This is assessed by the planning department and I can make this application on your behalf. 

The amount of time always varies between projects but in 2024 Edinburgh council is typically taking 2 - 4 months to approve planning applications for house extensions. This may take one month more if the property is listed.

Extension to the side of a house in The Grange conservation area
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