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Some clients are happy to deal directly with a building contractor and others need me to be involved during construction. It wont affect my services for the project which way you decide to go but if you want me to provide construction contract administration services it can only be on projects where I also organised the construction tendering stage. 

Timber frame house extension under construction Dalkeith

It is important to understand the difference between Project Management and Contract Administration; 

Project Managers are on a building site all day, every day. They order materials, hire tradesmen and arrange the sequence of construction. 

I do not provide project management services, instead I provide contract administration services.

I typically use the SBCC Minor Works contract for house extensions in Edinburgh. These agree the construction budget and the completion date at the outset, before building begins. The quality of finish is controlled by the Architect, if it isn't to a reasonable standard, the contractor must re-do the work or be financially penalised. The SBCC contract is fair, it splits responsibility equally between the contractor and the property owner. The construction budget and the completion date can be changed during the contract but only if the contractor can demonstrate that the delay is caused by events beyond their control. If the contractor does not finish the building by the completion date, and doesn't have a relevant event to explain this, they will pay damages to the property owner at a pre-agreed rate. These damages are based on a real loss, such as renting alternative accommodation until the building is ready.

Contemporary house extension Seton Place, Edinburgh
Split level open plan living space Bramdean Grove, Edinburgh

Under this system it is the building contractor who is the Project Manager. I will be the Contract Administrator, carrying out inspections of the building site regularly, usually once per week, and reporting on progress, costs and quality issues to the client. At regular intervals, usually once per month, I value the work that has been properly carried out and issue a payment certificate to the client. This certificate details the amount of money the contractor is owed by the client and it ensures that the contractor is never paid for more work than they have done. While I am always happy to help the contractor resolve any technical issues that might arise during construction, it is the contractors responsibility to ensure these are carried out correctly and on time.

I typically charge a flat fee per week for contract administration services. This will only be charged if there is a meeting on the site that week. For more details see the Architects Fees page. 

Timber and zinc cladding Chalmers Crescent, Edinburgh
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