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Renovation of a Listed Flat Nelson Street Edinburgh

October 2013

Construction cost in 2024 would be upwards of £150k + VAT

Building Contractor - S. Ewing & Sons

Photos - Square Foot Media

This main door, two storey flat on Nelson Street had not been cared for in decades. The new owner commissioned me to organise the full renovation of the property and to design new bathrooms, a nursery and built in storage in the bedrooms.

The existing drainage, electrics and heating system has to be comprehensively overhauled. The internal doors and ironmongery were stripped and redecorated. The floor slabs in the entrance hall were renovated and the floors elsewhere in the flat were made level because they had sagged over time. A new kitchen was fitted and this has become the centre of family life. 

Bespoke furniture was commissioned and built by the contractor, with some pieces made by Colin Parker Furniture. The end result brought the flat back to life and is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved. 

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