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Renovation of a Country House outside Kirkcaldy, Fife

April 2016

Construction cost in 2024 would be upwards of £250k + VAT

Building Contractor - Go Construct

Structural Engineers - McColl Associates

Photos - Square Foot Media / Savills 

This early19th Century farmhouse in Fife, with steadings and workers cottages, was in a sad state when our client bought it in 2014. They commissioned Capital A to refurbish the main house and outbuildings, including creating new bathrooms and changing the internal layout to suit modern life, while still respecting the late Georgian / early Victorian character of the property. The house is not listed but the work required building warrant approval.


The main house itself had been altered several times over the previous two centuries. This included additional internal stairs, fireplaces, electrics, heating and drainage. All of these needed to be modernised and, in some cases, removed. The roof was refurbished, as was the landscaping around the house. The cottages were also modernised as part of the project. The render on the main house was completely re-done and the roof on the outbuildings was fully replaced. 

The original budget was not sufficient to do everything the client wished, so priorities were set and negotiations with the building contractor led to a programme of work which addressed the most important elements of the house. 


Capital A carried out regular site inspections during construction and brought the project to a successful conclusion, ensuring this beautiful old property will survive another two centuries. 

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