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Garden Room Extension, 32 Barnton Park Crescent, Edinburgh

July 2013

Construction costs for the garden room extension in 2024 would be upwards of £55k + VAT.

For more information on construction costs, check our my House Extension Costs page. It gives up-to-date information on the current minimum cost of building typical house extensions. 

Building Contractor - S. Ewing & Sons

Structural Engineers - McColl Associates

Glazing - Mitchell Glass

Photos - Square Foot Media

This contemporary garden room was designed for a client who wanted to enjoy her newly landscaped rear garden. The room also serves as a new living / dining room and is insulated and heated to provide comfort all year round.


The room is 4.5m square, with two walls of glass providing an uninterrupted view of the garden, like massive HD televisions. The glass box is topped off by a roof overhang which works several ways; drawing the eye down, towards the garden and away from the sky, when viewed from inside. By providing a sheltered, intermediate zone on the outside, it also caps off the garden room, making it appear larger, framing an elegant, horizontal proportion.


The brief for the garden room was challenging, it had to be elegant, contain lots of glass and cost less than £30,000 Including VAT back in 2013


The solution to all of these challenges lay in the clever use of steel frame as the main building material, this could be built quicker than any alternative method and still be light enough to maximise glazing. 

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