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Garden Room Extension on Corstorphine Hill

July 2022

Construction cost for this garden room and associated landscaping in 2024 would be upwards of £250k + VAT.

For more information on construction costs, check our my House Extension Costs page. It gives up-to-date information on the current minimum cost of building typical house extensions. 

Building Contractor - Zebra Property Group

Structural Engineers - McColl Associates

Glazing - Mitchell Glass

This house dates from the early twentieth century and is located on Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh. The original kitchen was typical of homes from that era, it was small and not suitable from modern living.

The client commissioned Capital A in 2019 to design a kitchen / garden room to the rear of the house. The client wanted a space filled with natural light, where they could cook, eat, watch TV, sit by the fire and view the sun setting over their mature garden.

The design respects the original house, using the same materials for the new walls and roof.

Landscaping is a central part of the design, with a new curved retaining wall holding back the steep hill, allowing the patio to extend west of the extension.

The retaining wall is accented with a series of Scottish larch posts to enclose the patio, while not overwhelming it. This barrier prevents people falling from the garden while preserving the light and transparent feeling of the space.

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