The New Year Jump - Three Years On and Still Going Strong

A pattern has emerged!find an architect in edinburgh on google

Three years ago I wrote a blog post about a trend I noticed in the pattern of visits to my website immediately after Christmas. The visits appear to drop off dramatically just before the holidays, only to surge even higher early in the new year, I called this phenomenon The New Year Jump. 

After five years in business, I can report the Jump is as popular as ever. 

find an architect in edinburgh on google This is a screenshot from my Google Analytics account, showing the total number of weekly visitors between December 2008 and January 2014. The red arrows point out the Christmas period for each of the five years I have been in business, the dip in visitors over the holidays and subsequent new year jump is easy to pick out.  This pattern is reflected in the number of enquiries I receive from potential clients, with a large number of jobs coming from enquiries in the early part of the calendar year. A second, smaller pattern has emerged in the past two years, with an increase in web visits, and subsequent enquiries, after the summer holidays.  Since most of my clients are private homeowners, it seems that prolonged periods at home with family and visitors, prompts them to think seriously about altering and extending their houses.