Lets All Do The New Year Jump

After the holidays, peoples thoughts turn to house extensions. google architect search

I like to use Google Analytics to keep a detailed track of the number of people visiting my website. Given that almost a quarter of all the projects I have done to date started with the client finding my website, it pays to keep on top of this.Using the analytics to look back over the past two years, I have noticed a trend that has happened over the last two Decembers and Januaries. On the approach to Christmas, the number of people looking for Architects services drops dramatically and equally dramatically, it jumps up again in the early new year. This is a screen-shot from my analytics account, showing the number of visitors per week that find my site using various online search engines. This is backed up by the fact that last Spring was a busy time and this Spring is already looking to be just as hectic. No rest for the wicked.google architect search