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Permitted Development Garden Room, Currie, Edinburgh

May 2018

Construction costs for this garden room extension in 2024 would be upwards of £65k + VAT.

For more information on construction costs, check our my House Extension Costs page. It gives up-to-date information on the current minimum cost of building typical house extensions. 

Building Contractor - Self Build

Structural Engineers - SDC

Glazing - EKCO

The house had small living space relative to the number of bedrooms. The rear garden was small in comparison to the house but client’s family loved using it. The client wanted to create a new living room without compromising the limited garden space. The answer lay in creating a fully glazed garden room that could open up to the garden on both sides. The roof has a short cantilever to add some shade and elongate the proportions.


The design complied with Permitted Development guidalines from City of Edinburgh Council, so a planning application was not necessary. 

The building is separated from the house by a triple glazed, aluminium bi-fold door This allows the garden room to be classified as a ‘stand-alone building’ under the Scottish building regulations but allows the existing living room and garden room to become one larger flexible space.

If the building was open to the house the amount of glass would be severely limited, to save energy. But with the house separated by an external grade door, the garden room can have unlimited glazing.

The room is heated and very comfortable, with a recessed wide screen TV. The triple-glazed door allow allows  both rooms to be entirely independent of each other including noise separation.

The client wanted to manage the build themselves and Capital A provided detailed drawings and specifications to ensure their builders could achieve the design. The end results speaks for itself.

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