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House Extension, 413 Queensferry Road, Edinburgh

April 2018

Construction costs for this extension in 2024 would be upwards of £60k + VAT.

For more information on construction costs, check our my House Extension Costs page. It gives up-to-date information on the current minimum cost of building typical house extensions. 

Building Contractor - Webster Developments

Structural Engineers - 3DM Ltd

Glazing - EKCO

This site is just off one of the busiest roads into Edinburgh city centre. The front garden is very noisy and the client liked to spend time on the other side of the house, in the kitchen. The rear garden is much quieter and south facing but the kitchen was not big enough to accommodate living space. The rear garden is narrow and overlooked on several sides and an extension did not seem feasible.

The client saw a nearby project designed by Capital A and got in touch. We discussed his needs and developed a design which would create an informal living space overlooking the rear garden.

The new garden room is well lit but still private. The overhanging roof provides shelter and makes the patio deck more usable. The existing kitchen, now much further inside the building, has a new velux roof light to maintain daylight.

Despite being small, it was a challenge to design a building to be well lit but also private. The distance to the boundary on two sides imposed restrictions on the size of the structure. The interior space had to flow seamlessly between the existing kitchen and garden room.

The final building is a success and the client is very happy.

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