Five Years On

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A selection of the most popular blog posts by Capital A

After my last post I got thinking about another anniversary. This blog is now five years old and has 63 posts to date, one per month on average!  I checked the blog statistics and these are the top five posts over the past five years.

1. One Storey Wrap Around Extension, South Queensferry.

cheap house extension edinburgh A job that was finished just before christmas 2010 was also the first extension that I worked on from beginning to end, providing professional services for every step of the project. The post, like the project itself, is short and sweet but somehow proves to the most popular on the entire blog. 

2. Architects Fees.

I wrote this one pretty soon after starting Capital A. I had met several people who either couldn't, or wouldn't, pay the fees I wanted to charge. I decided to publish my Architects fees on my website, this was simply to deter time wasters but it also had a dramatic, and unexpected, effect on my enquiries. I have lost count of the number of clients who tell me they found my site because they were searching for the term Architects Fees in Edinburgh on google. My opinions on this matter have generated some controversy in the past but the value of being open about fees speaks for itself, as far as I am concerned. 

3. Another One Storey Extension in South Queensferry.

value house extension edinburgh Not all the projects I get are via the web, some are old fashioned word-of-mouth. The clients in the first post were so happy with their extension, they passed my name on to others and I was asked to design a larger extension to wrap around this suburban home. The post has proven very popular. 

4. Attic Conversions.

As with my approach to Architects Fees, I like to write about things that the general public don't seem to have much knowledge of. Attic conversions are particularly tricky and this 2012 post sets out the reasons why. I thought this was a dry, boring topic. It seems the internet disagrees, this one post got almost 1,300 views in the last year alone!

5. How to Become an Architect

I definitely had more time on my hands when I started out first. Another post from 2009 musing on a question that is often asked but seldom understood.