Another One Storey Wrap Around Extension in South Queensferry

A contemporary house extension in South Queensferry open plan kitchen living dining L-shape contemporary desing south queensferry architect

The most popular post on my blog over the last two years concerns a one storey wrap around house extension in South Queensferry, outside Edinburgh. The project was finished in December 2010 and the client was very happy with the result. So happy that he recommended my services to some of his neighbours who also needed an extension. 

Design For Lifestyle.

This new client were a husband and wife who had a young family and their house needed more space, in particular the kitchen / living / dining areas. The husband also worked from home and did not have dedicated office space in the house.  In the original house, the kitchen contained the dining table and was separated from the living area by a doorway. This was cramped, busy and didn't work very well. The new extension kept the kitchen in the same location but closed off the doorway linking it to the old living room, allowing that room to become a separate area. The kitchen was completely refitted with new units and was joined to a open-plan living / dinging area.plan of modern house extension south queensferry architectAs this plan shows, the extension more than doubles the size of the ground floor, providing a new centre for family life. The new walls are shown highlighted in yellow, the boundaries with neighbours are shown as dashed red lines. 

How To Design Open-Plan Living Space.

I have come to believe that an open plan living area should be L shaped and this project proves the point very well. The space allows multiple different activities to carry on simultaneously without disrupting one another  Someone can cook in the kitchen while others watch television and the dining space is far enough removed that one doesn't have to look at dirty dishes while plan kitchen living dining L-shape contemporary desing south queensferry architectBecause the original house was built on a slope, the rear garden is several steps higher than the ground floor. Previously this change in level was negotiated by external steps, but the new open-plan room has two steps running the full width of the space, allowing one to walk directly out to the garden on the same level. The internal steps also neatly divide the open-plan space between living and dining.another one storey wrap around extenion south queensferry

Floor To Ceiling Glazing And A Deep Overhang.

The main feature of the extension is the full height, wall-to-wall glazing which illuminates the open plan space. Because the glazing is south facing, it needs to be shaded. This provided an opportunity to create an intermediate space; not quite inside but not really outside either. A 1.5 meter deep overhang allows the space to be used when the Scottish weather is being unpredictable. The timber floor inside is mirrored in the timber decking outside and the white ceiling is continued in the sloping white soffit of the overhang, this continuity of material makes the space flow easily from inside to out.sheltered deck to rear of house extension south queensferry architectAs well as being functional, the rectangular overhang also gives a clean and well proportioned edge to the the building. This is so much more interesting and useful a solution than the usual elevation, with some windows placed at random in a wall.  house extension with overhanging deck to rear south queensferry architect The client had commissioned me to prepare and lodge Planning and Building Warrant applications for the extension but I was not to be involved during construction. The builders, S. Ewing and Sons Ltd of Dunfermline, required detailed drawings to allow them to carry out the work. This is one of the construction details I produced, It is easily one of the most complex drawings I have yet done. contemporary architects drawings house extension south queensferryThe original design included several skylights above the open-plan area, as well as a shadow gap inside the glazed wall to accommodate a hidden blind. Owing to cost cuts during construction, only one skylight was built and the shadow gap was removed. Despite that, I think these photos (by SQFT) show the space is a fantastic place to be and the quality of finish is high. modern open plan kitchen living dining room south queensferry architectAll told the project cost around £85,000 + VAT and was completed in just over four months. The clients are delighted with their new extension and who knows, maybe it will lead to more.